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How Do I Set up an Offline License for my Report Engine?

This article teaches how to setup Offline Licensing which allows the users to run the Windward Engine without an internet connection.


Some requirements for setting up offline license keys are:

  • Offline License Keys are only available for Annual Pro Subscriptions.
  • Before setting up Offline Licensing, you must make a support request to Windward.
    • To submit a ticket please send an email to or visit our support site here.

Instructions for Setting Up Offline Licenses

The following are instructions for setting a report engine up with offline licensing after the requirements have been met:

  1. On the server hosting your Report Engine, open a command prompt (Do this while the server is in the network configuration in which you intend to use it, as changes to your network configuration can change the DNS suffix.)
  2. Open a command prompt and type the command "ipconfig /all"
  3. Find the values for the items "Host Name" and "DNS Suffix Search List"
  4. Create a string by appending the "DNS Suffix Search List" value to your "Host Name" like HOSTNAME + "." + DNS_SUFFIX (e.g. "")

In the image below you can see how we build the full device name from the command line output.

The Host Name is "KellyG-PC" and the DNS Suffix Search List is "windward.local" so the full device name is


5. If you have not already done so, submit a Support request to set up one of your Pro Engine subscriptions for offline licensing.

6. In the Windward Store, open the subscription you requested to set up for offline licensing.

7. Enter the hostname + DNS suffix in the "Engine Hosts" field for each server on which you wish to run the Report Engine offline.

8. Enter the hostname + DNS suffix in the "Designer Hosts" field for all the servers on which you wish to run Report Designer offline. You must enter as many hostnames as you have Designer licenses associated with the subscription.

9. Click "Enable Offline"

10. A new license key is generated. Enter the license key into the installers for the Report Engine/Report Designer to use them offline.


With offline license keys, you must manually update both the keys and your servers annually. To do this, repeat the above steps starting with step 10.


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