CData vs Skyvia Connectors

This article provides a comparison of the CData and Skyvia data source connectors. 

In addition to CData and Skyvia data source connectors, Windward also supports these ADO.NET Connectors.

With most Software as a Service applications such as Salesforce, HubSpot and JIRA you have access to your data but only through WebAPI endpoints. The data storage and schema is abstracted away so you can't use the normal SQL queries to which many people have become accustomed.

There is an impedance mismatch between the WebAPI endpoints available to you and your need to query the data in order to create Documents and Reports from your data.

We have identified two Solution Vendors that help resolve this impedance mismatch. Both solutions allow you to write queries against your data in SaaS applications using SQL syntax. 

The below is informational only.

Feature CData Skyvia
Protocol Presents data as an ADO.NET & JDBC database Presents data as an OData data service
Security Connector resides on your system - data does not go outside your system Requests go through their (Skyvia's) server - all data in the document passes through their server
Pricing Pay for a connector per computer Pay for bandwidth
Speed Test sample runs in 19 minutes Test sample runs in 127 minutes
Tech Support Generally replied in hours - US business hours Generally replied in a day - European business hours
Bandwidth Usage N/A 50MB - 250MB to design a template
2MB - 10MB/page to generate output

All numbers are our experience with our samples and are merely estimates/guidelines. Your numbers will differ.


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