How DO I Prepare for a Windward Custom Demo?

This article explains how to prepare for a Windward Custom Demo.  What files to send ahead of that scheduled demo.

Start with the desired output you want to achieve using Windward. Simply mock up the desired output using placeholder values for the dynamic data that will be pulled in at runtime. For Example a letter to John Doe living at 123 Easy Street, Utopia, TX 78884. Then send a data file to accompany your target output document it can be XML, JSON, or an Excel file where the tabs are tables and the columns are the fields.

Once we receive your files we’ll start to tag out your first example use case template in preparation for the custom demo.

We can demonstrate how to do conditional formatting, use functions or macros, or any other use case requirement that your documents require. Seeing your use case being handled by Windward is a great way to quickly understand if we meet your requirements or not. No need to go through exhaustive meetings trying to think of every possible combination of data and business logic. Those meetings can be helpful but a Windward template that provides proof that those requirements are being met is a far easier task.


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