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What Information Might Be Needed to Fix a Designer License Exception?

This article explains what information to collect before emailing Windward support regarding your Designer license exception. Providing this information will allow Windward support to more quickly resolve your issue.

Windward support will need the following information to assist you:

  • A screenshot of the error message
  • Your PC's full device name this is the Host Name + DNS Suffix Search List
  • A screenshot of the Windward About dialog from the Designer
  • The Designer license key that the Designer is using

The image below is just one example of the possible Designer license exceptions you might encounter. When it pops up take a screenshot that you can attach to your email to

Next, we will need the full device name of your PC. There are many ways to find this information but the following approach works for all versions of Windows.

  1. Open a command prompt and type the command "ipconfig /all"
  2. Find the values for the items "Host Name" and "DNS Suffix Search List"
  3. Create a string by appending the "DNS Suffix Search List" value to your "Host Name" like HOSTNAME + "." + DNS_SUFFIX (e.g. "")

In the image below you can see how we build the full device name from the command line output.

The Host Name is "KellyG-PC" and the DNS Suffix Search List is "windward.local" so the full device name is


Now to screenshot the Designer's About dialog go to the "Windward Tools" ribbon and then click the "About" button. 

The last step is to copy the license key from the Designer. We don't want a screenshot we would prefer the string so that our Store Team and quickly copy and decode it. To find the Designer's license key go to the "Windward Tools" ribbon and then click the "License" button. When the dialog opens select the license key and copy it. "Cntl-A" then "Cntl-C" will copy the entire string to your clipboard then simply paste it into your email to

Now you have collected all the information that the Windward Store Team will need to resolve your issue.

The following is an example email to Windward support.


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