Getting Started with Java Report Engine

This article gives you the basic information you need to install and test Java Report Engine.


  • Java 1.7 or later (beginning with version 12.5)
  • If running Java 1.5 or earlier (with an older version of the Java Report Engine that can support it), and you have images in your templates, it is recommended to install the Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) I/O library. This can substantially increase performance.
  • A Java Report Engine license key (request a trial license key if you don't have one)

Installing Java Report Engine

For detailed instructions, see How Do I Install the Java Engine?


Go to Windward Studios Downloads and download the latest version of Java Report Engine

Click the link Java Engine Installer – (EXE – Windows only). The installer is also available as a zip file for other platforms.

Once the download is complete, double-click on the installer. Follow the steps of the Installation Wizard. You may enter your license key during the installation or afterward.

Entering Your License Key

If you chose not to enter your license key during the installation, after the installation copy and paste your license key into the file. This file is found in the directory where you installed the Java Report Engine. As with all entries in the properties file, use the standard name=value format. 

For example (this is not a valid key):


The key is a single string. If you wish to break up the string across several lines, be sure to place a "\" (backslash) at the end of each line except the last line of the license file. The "\" must be the last character of the line; there can't be a space or any other character after it.

Testing the Installation

The Java Report Engine test directory (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Windward Studios\Windward Java Engine\test) contains a test template and data source to verify your installation is working correctly. Navigate to that directory and execute run.bat. If the output file "testreport.pdf" is created, then Java Report Engine is installed and running.

What's Next

You have now verified your Java Report Engine installation. You have a few choices for how to proceed from here:

  • Open the installed Catapult sample software application and look through the sample projects. A wide variety are installed with the Java Report Engine to get you started.
  • Just need to see the code?  Check out the Java Report Engine API Reference.


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