Release Notes

Customer Reported Defects

  • [ATE-2017] - CLONE - HD#25531 - Content control text fields are not editable in the PDF output
  • [ATE-2164] - CLONE - HD#25443 - POC, #26034 - Nested ForEach Tag generates extra blank row
  • [ATE-2198] - HD#26077 - Chart Tag with Multiple X Axis Values Being Combined in Output
  • [ATE-2199] - HD#26079 - Chart Series Colors don't match template in output
  • [ATE-2218] - HD#26084 - Blank page after inserting PDF into template via an Out Tag
  • [ATE-2219] - HD#26020 - Extra blank pages in PDF output from DOCX template importing subtemplates with headers and footers
  • [ATE-2220] - HD#26107 - In Designer v16, output from templates with Import Tags in headers fail with an exception
  • [ATE-2221] - HD#26113 - Page numbers not OK in DOCX output.
  • [ATE-2222] - HD#26115 - Page numbers not OK in PDF output.
  • [ATE-2264] - HD#26157 - Tags duplicating when editing tags in Excel template
  • [ATE-2265] - HD#26171 - Table Styles and Filtering not preserved in Excel Output
  • [ATE-2350] - HD#26230 - Extra line spacing appears in PDF output when upgrading from v14 to v16
  • [ATE-2362] - HD#26245 - Additional and missing newlines in Java Engine TXT output
  • [ATE-2437] - HD#26236 - Exiting the Chart Tag Editor by saving is changing the chart type
  • [ATE-2546] - CLONE - HD#25915 - Output resulting in 'Index was outside the bounds of the array. (IndexOutOfRangeException)'
  • [ATE-2591] - HD#26432 - Error occurs when numeric fields in XML contains leading spaces after upgrade to v15
  • [ATE-2696] - HD#26545 - Images accessed by <img> tags do not display in the output
  • [ATE-2702] - Clone - {HD# INSERT HERE FROM DESCRIPTION} Cannot open Connection Editor
  • [ATE-2703] - CLONE - HD#26223 - Table headers disappear in output after .NET Engine upgrade
  • [ATE-2714] - HD#26584 - Chart bars are not displaying correctly in PDF output
  • [ATE-2733] - HD#26584 - Bar chart x-axis not recognized as date axis

Internally Reported Defects

  • [ATE-2605] - JSON - Bar/Cone and Scatter chart gets Evaluating Chart select failed.


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