Release Notes

Customer Reported Defect

  • [ATE-1212] - HD#24939 - Table of Content link in PDF output is not going to the section
  • [ATE-1335] - HD#25026 - Output is using the Master template formatting instead of adopting the Direct Formatting of the Child template
  • [ATE-1438] - HD#25223 - Different size checkboxes are applied in the PDF output
  • [ATE-1440] - HD#25221 - Bold and not-bold text are not properly formatted in the PDF output
  • [ATE-1465] - HD#25297 - Custom Currency Format not working in Out Tag format:AED#,##0.00
  • [ATE-1467] - HD#25216, 26024 - Check box size is wrong in PDF output
  • [ATE-1488] - HD#25339 - There is extra space under the "UL" logo in PDF output
  • [ATE-1489] - HD#25340 - Extra space under the signature in PDF output
  • [ATE-1490] - HD#25320 - Deal template issue for excel doc with AutoTag 15.2.369 version
  • [ATE-1499] - HD#25309 - PDF output is not indicating the correct total number of pages
  • [ATE-1509] - HD#25351 - XPath 1.0 on .net engine using a schema would display "System.DateTime" for a node/attribute of type datetime that was empty (no value)
  • [ATE-1552] - HD#25406 - First bullet is not rendering as bullet
  • [ATE-1614] - HD#25443 - POC - Nested ForEach Tag generates extra blank row
  • [ATE-1631] - HD#25514 - Body content overlapping the footer in PDF output
  • [ATE-1880] - HD#25745 - Output fails with "Template ended with 0 missing [EndSwitch] tag:..." exception
  • [ATE-1882] - CLONE - HD#25545 - word chart settings being ignored in output to pdf, instead it is using windward default values from the tag editor
  • [ATE-1911] - CLONE - HD#25652 - Input parameters select list
  • [ATE-1919] - CLONE - HD#25807 - POC - RESTful Engine questions
  • [ATE-2030] - HD#25915 - Output resulting in 'Index was outside the bounds of the array. (IndexOutOfRangeException)'
  • [ATE-2037] - HD#25962 - Paragraph Style 'Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style' not applied to output
  • [ATE-2113] - CLONE - HD#25498 - Not all records from a ForEach Tag within a ForEach Tag are displayed in Excel output
  • [ATE-2133] - HD#25566 - Text is not centered in table in PDF output
  • [ATE-2150] - HD#26010 - Different line spacing when generating to PDF compared to DOCX
  • [ATE-2225] - HD#26118 - Content Control Rich Text fields are not editable in PDF output
  • [ATE-2295] - HD#26198 - Generating output results in NullReferenceException
  • [ATE-2331] - HD#26223 - Table headers disappear in output after .NET Engine upgrade
  • [ATE-2439] - HD#26312 - Using the AVERAGE function in an Excel XPath query results in an exception
  • [ATE-2565] - HD#26419 - java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for PDF generation
  • [ATE-2623] - HD#26495 - Cannot import a table into another table using an Import tag that imports a child template where the first conditional tag evaluates False
  • [ATE-2712] - CLONE - HD#26545 - Images accessed by <img> tags do not display in the output

Internally Reported Defect

  • [ATE-1937] - XML2.0 query ignores Order By statement
  • [ATE-2115] - RESTful Engine - Client test failed "Client_GeneratePostScript"
  • [ATE-2381] - TestPdfOutput.testFooterPageNumbers() fails
  • [ATE-2575] - CLONE -  Page numbers in footers no longer working in version did work in version
  • [ATE-2588] - CLONE - DOCX output from this template fails with an exception in, but not in


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