Designer Release Notes for 16.2.0 and Earlier


February 15, 2019


  • 24165/ATE-424 - was checking whether a string started with "select " in order to determine if it was a valid sql select statement (note the space). Some statements start with "select\r\n" or "select\n" so they were being classified as non-valid.
  • 25278/ATE-1468 - When a ${var} has no default value and we're trying to get the metadata for the select, we assume that making this where clause true will return the same metadata. We replaced with "1 = 1".
  • 25278/ATE-1581 - Added check to not throw exceptions in tag editor if default values for input params don't exist.
  • 25652/ATE-1713 - Correctly uses list of values for a select parameter: test, display, run.
  • 25729/ATE-1724 - SQL Select Wizard shows the Filter that's setup, and also the WHERE clause.
  • 25545/ATE-1737 - No code changes required for this ticket.  This requires changes to the template.
  • 24590/ATE-1755 - Added code to disable input params & datasources ribbon buttons if document (workbook) is locked.
  • 24254/ATE-1758 - Fixed. In some cases a slide break in a forEach tag in PowerPoint would throw an exception because PowerPoint stored the paragraphs in a textbox or table in an unusual way.
  • 25710/ATE-1778 - Modify 3 Ruby client files.
  • 25717/ATE-1789 - Fixed. Removed extra Spaces in PDF output with the Java Engine.
  • ATE-1177 - Exception outputting PPTX sample: "Incorrect Syntax".


  • Can assign variable names to If, Else, Switch,and Case tags.
  • New Charts/Bitmaps in Excel and PPTX.
  • New Anchor property on Charts/Bitmaps.

November 8, 2018


  • Missing data in PDF output.
  • Table and cell height adjustments.
  • Fixed an issue with import tag break attribute not always correctly setting section properties.
  • Wizard logo missing for Data Set Query.


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