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.NET and Java Engine Release Notes for 16.2.0 and Earlier


February 15, 2019


  • 25278/ATE-1648 - When a ${var} has no default value and we're trying to get the metadata for the select. In this case we assume that making this where clause true will still return the same metadata. We do this by replacing with "1 = 1" which appears to work for everything.
  • 25299/ATE-1466 - RESTful engine was not closing datasources when done, which was leaving DB connections open. Now closes them.
  • 25652/ATE-1713 - Correctly uses list of values for a select parameter: test, display, run.
  • 25545/ATE-1716 - The settings in the chart are now used and the tag properties ignored if the tag is a chart.
  • 24254/ATE-1758 - In some cases a slide break in a forEach tag in PowerPoint would throw an exception. It occurred when PowerPoint stored the paragraphs in a textbox or table in an unusual way.
  • 25645/ATE-1760 - Generating output results in ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException. If row should be deleted, uses the destination table's row index when it should use the source table.
  • 25649/ATE-1761 - Use the source document's cell which is a cell the block starts in and get the right properties when the block is expanded or skipped.
  • 25517/ATE-1769 - Apply font size to drop down list values.
  • 25407/ATE-1771 - The problem was the break start of a new page was a table and the first row in the table was set to Element.FF_STATUS_MAYBE. It should have been kept on the new page.
  • 25717/ATE-1789 - Fixed. Removed extra Spaces in PDF output with the Java Engine.
  • 25723/ATE-1799 - Fixed. It was not counting imported PDF pages in the page count for page base output, making number for all subsequent pages wrong. Now counts them.
  • 25727/25732/ATE-1809 - WindwardDateTime objects were formatted differently from Date objects and did not convert excel format pattern to java pattern. Set use the Dat code which does the conversion.
  • 25757/ATE-1819 - Updated nuspec to reference the windward IKVM NuGet package.
  • 25559/ATE-1934 - Was incorrectly calculating paragraph extent for inter-line spacing set to exactly, and sometimes off for at-least. It was calculating the stateOn.yPos wrong para was more than 1 line.
  • 25813/ATE-1935 - Fixed. It was not writing the cell type (t='str') for a formula where the value was a boolean.


  • Allow Printing of Development Server and Test Server PDF output.
  • New Charts/Bitmaps in Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to assign variable names to If, Else, Switch and Case Tags.
  • New Anchor property in charts/Bitmaps.

November 5, 2018


  • No changes to .Net or the Java Engine in this release.


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