Release Notes

Customer Reported Defect

[ATE-1388] - HD#25077 - POC - one of our production servers not loading after the Windward installation

[ATE-1652] - HD#25531 - Content control text fields are not editable in the PDF output

[ATE-1853] - CLONE - HD#25784 - Chart Data Label Shapes Not Showing Up in PDF output

[ATE-1857] - CLONE - HD#25786 - Stacked Bar Base Chart becomes invisible when 5 series changed to a line chart

[ATE-1859] - CLONE - HD#25787 - Secondary Vertical (Value) Axis shows up on the wrong side of the chart or it can't be removed or change the its labels to white so they don't show up

[ATE-1883] - CLONE - HD#25745 - Output fails with "Template ended with 0 missing [EndSwitch] tag:..." exception

[ATE-2038] - CLONE - HD#25962 - Paragraph Style 'Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style' not applied to output

[ATE-2103] - HD#25996 - Setting text to be font effect 'Small caps' causes the text to spill outside of cell/table in PDF output

[ATE-2105] - HD#25977 - The MultiplyAll function always return 1.0?

[ATE-2148] - CLONE - HD#26007 - SUMIFS() formulas in Excel output not retained

[ATE-2152] - CLONE - HD#26010 - Different line spacing when generating to PDF compared to DOCX

[ATE-2153] - HD#26016 - Windward and OpenJDK 11 Support

[ATE-2157] - CLONE - HD#25216, 26024 - Check box size is wrong in PDF output

[ATE-2162] - CLONE - HD#25497 - Chart Type in DOCX output is not correct

[ATE-2207] - HD#26098 - PDF output resulting in Cannot extract the embedded font

[ATE-2208] - CLONE - HD#25338 - Each page in PDF output extends into the next page

[ATE-2209] - CLONE - HD#25339 - There is extra space under the "UL" logo in PDF output

[ATE-2210] - CLONE - HD#25340 - Extra space under the signature in PDF output

[ATE-2211] - CLONE - HD#25320 - Deal template issue for excel doc with AutoTag 15.2.369 version

[ATE-2228] - CLONE - HD#25351 - XPath 1.0 on .net engine using a schema would display "System.DateTime" for a node/attribute of type datetime that was empty (no value)

[ATE-2235] - CLONE - HD#26135 - Not all of the drop down text from Content Control is displayed in the PDF output

[ATE-2240] - HD#26142 - ForEach order=row crashes with ObjectReferenceNotSet exception

[ATE-2258] - CLONE - HD#25007 - Java Engine: PPTX bar chart does not display Asian characters (it does in AutoTag)

[ATE-2296] - CLONE - HD#26198 - Generating output results in NullReferenceException

[ATE-2427] - HD#26209 - PDF output from Java Engine v15/v16 has multiple discrepancies from v14

[ATE-2429] - HD#26209 - PDF output from Java Engine v15/v16 has multiple discrepancies from v14

[ATE-2438] - HD#26311 - In PDF output from Excel templates, cell references to hidden cells on the same worksheet fail

[ATE-2441] - CLONE - HD#26312 - Using the AVERAGE function in an Excel XPath query results in an exception

[ATE-2451] - HD#26326 - Out tag type BITMAP in Excel template cannot be positioned where user wants to see the image in output

[ATE-2453] - HD#26328 - Out tag type BITMAP in Excel template cannot output IF macro results

[ATE-2458] - HD#26243 - Java report engine installed with Maven - ClassNotFoundException: WindwardCustom.WindwardCustomFunctions

[ATE-2473] - HD#26251 - Out Tag doesn't execute its SQL query after upgrade to v16

[ATE-2485] - HD#26360 - BarCode not where it should be in PDF output only Word Output looks right.

[ATE-2501] - HD#26363 - Case Tags won't save queries entered

[ATE-2511] - HD#26372, HD#26586, HD#26842, HD#26931 - Inner ForEach Tag Preview results in Unknown object type

[ATE-2543] - HD#26398 - PDF output fails in v16

[ATE-2564] - CLONE - HD#26223 - Table headers disappear in output after .NET Engine upgrade

[ATE-2566] - CLONE - HD#26419 - java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for PDF generation

[ATE2574] - CLONE - HD#25800 - Report Designer output takes much longer to generate after applying 15.2.483.0 

[ATE-2584] - HD#26388 - Java engine does not work with java 11 (probably 9 and 10 aswell)

[ATE-2587] - HD#25925 - Removing GUID from the query leads to an error

[ATE-2599] - HD#26416 - Cannot inline import documents with version

[ATE-2600] - CLONE - HD#26416 - Cannot inline import documents with version

[ATE-2618] - HD#26701 - Opening template with word window already open, template fails to connect to datasource

[ATE-2624] - CLONE - HD#26495 - Cannot import a table into another table using an Import tag that imports a child template where the first conditional tag evaluates False

[ATE-2634] - HD#26503 - Chart tag error after upgrade from to on Assessment Date Field

[ATE-2659] - HD#26496 - Numbered list not working in HTML output

[ATE-2660] - HD#26483 - Output from chart created in Designer v12 fails with an exception in Designer v16

[ATE-2663] - HD#26458 - RESTful PNG and JPG output results in Object reference not set to an instance of an object exception

[ATE-2691] - HD#26524 - PDF output is not displaying the correct SaveDate

[ATE-2704] - HD#26568 - System Fonts taking over?

[ATE-2706] - HD#26400 - Clicking on Input Parameters button causes exception

[ATE-2715] - HD#26399 - Word error: can't open output "...because we found a problem with its contents."

[ATE-2730] - HD#26592 - Some text is overlapping other text in PDF output

[ATE-2736] - HD#26603 - Word can't open output due to a problem with its content

[ATE-2738] - HD#26526 - Issue with Out tag set to type TEMPLATE when using version

[ATE-2739] HD#26580 - Checkboxes don't display in PDF output generated from Linux environment 

[ATE-2747] - HD#26609 - HTML output not formatted properly

[ATE-2749] - HD#26620 - Generating output results in NoSuchElementException

[ATE-2753] - HD#26617 - Excel fails to open a Designer output file with "We found a problem with some content..."

[ATE-2756] - HD#26637 - Generating output results in NullReferenceException

[ATE-2759] - HD#26638 - An OData $value request is resulting in ArgumentOutOfRangeException

[ATE-2761] - HD#26639 - Table of Contents font in template is different in generated output

[ATE-2764] - HD#26652 - Generating output results in IndexOutOfBoundsException

[ATE-2766] - CLONE - HD#24939 - Table of Content link in PDF output is not going to the section

[ATE-2767] - CLONE - HD#25406 - First bullet is not rendering as bullet

[ATE-2771] - HD#26643 - Cannot preview results of a nested foreach tag

[ATE-2775] - CLONE - HD#25514 - Body content overlapping the footer in PDF output

[ATE-2777] - CLONE - HD#25026 - Output is using the Master template formatting instead of adopting the Direct Formatting of the Child template

[ATE-2810] - HD#26758 - UpdateTagsOnDatasourceRename is updating incorrectly

[ATE-2838] - HD#26811 - Tab spaces are removed in the PPTX output

[ATE-3012] - HD#26245 - Additional and missing newlines in Java Engine TXT output [part 2]

[ATE-3018] - HD#26898 - Unable to connect to JSON datasource URL using basic auth

Internally Reported Defect

[ATE-463] - Wizard throws exception for JPath: $.Employees[*][?(@.EmployeeID < ${varXML.@EmployeeID})]

[ATE-1399] - JSON - charts showing titles overlapping chart.

[ATE-1482] - Artist license not recognized on initial launch of Word.

[ATE-1492] - Designer not verifying license type upon installation.

[ATE-1502] - In the ribbon for Artist, scheduled and reports needs to be caps to match Batch Ouput Scheduler

[ATE-1636] - Date labels appearing on horizontal axis of chart in pdf output but not docx output

[ATE-1837] - HD#26699 - OfficeToPDF.exe and PdfSharp.dll missing from C:\Program Files (x86)\Windward Studios\Windward Java Engine\jars directory

[ATE-1914] - CLONE - Clicking Next/Previous in Tag Editor and then saving causes the variable to be deleted.

[ATE-1958] - Watermark testing - Java Engine: Does not have watermarks for Developer with Report Designer licenses when it should.

[ATE-2122] - Change Documents folder name to "Windward Designer" from "Auto Tag"

[ATE-2127] - Tag Editor Window Does Not Save Changes after update using Next and Previous buttons

[ATE-2261] - .NET Engine: Catapult Variable samples - DataConnection exception was unhandled.

[ATE-2274] - Legend indented in HTML output - Medical Council of Canada

[ATE-2281] - Not closing connections on datasets

[ATE-2304] - The anchor property doesn't work for If/else and switch/case tags when the "anchor" property is specified for Out/Import tags of the bitmap type and Chart

[ATE-2332] - DOCX output from this template fails with an exception in, but not in

[ATE-2435] - More results than expected when using SQL Select Wizard

[ATE-2440] - When the Verify window comes up it is titled "AutoTag Verify", it should read "Verify".

[ATE-2474] - Vertical bottom to top direction not preserved

[ATE-2559] - Exception when outputting document to PDF. "Failed to evaluate jpath expression; subtype=INVALID_SELECT"

[ATE-2570] - Error appears when output template Google_Analytics_Sample.pptx. 

[ATE-2636] - CLONE - TestPdfOutput.testFooterPageNumbers() fails

[ATE-2665] - Tags ribbon button is not grayed out in PowerPoint when outside of a text box

[ATE-2673] - PPTX sample template Google_Analytics_Sample.pptx fails to output

[ATE-2677] - PPTX sample Insurance Report - Template fails to output

[ATE-2729] - Opening template that was downloaded from the internet fails to connect to datasource

[ATE-2757] - Chart has different vertical axis scale in pdf output than in docx output

[ATE-2758] - Chart has different legend appearance in pdf output than in docx output

[ATE-2774] - Performance template output is completely white

[ATE-2776] - Generating output is resulting in IndexOutOfBoundsException

[ATE-2791] - Condition Wizard has wrong name

[ATE-2805] - Samples - None of the Windward samples we ship are connected to their datasource.

[ATE-2811] - Trial license key is not working for RESTful engine when it should be

[ATE-2828] - RESTful Engine not running on offline license

[ATE-2829] - CLONE - The Stored Procedure Wizard has the wrong name

New Functionality Development

[ATE-398] - Add printer support to REST engine

[ATE-1638] - Allow user to search nodes in Tag Editor Data Tree pane

[ATE-2120] - "Samples" dialog contains only Samples

[ATE-2121] - Replace "Getting Started Guide" with "Welcome to Windward!" dialog

[ATE-2197] - Update DevExpress

[ATE-2205] - Add OffsetTotalMinutes() macro

[ATE-2251] - One time help offline

[ATE-2252] - Improve PropertyGrid usage

[ATE-2369] - Show forEach & query tag field values in DataSource exception

[ATE-2371] - Update log4net to latest version

[ATE-2387] - Use new image for bitmap tag placeholder

[ATE-2391] - Remove the FREQUENCY() macro function

[ATE-2521] - Create GitHub for sample templates and code

[ATE-2523] - Add Catapult Sample .NET applications to GitHub

[ATE-2524] - Add Catapult Sample Java applications to GitHub

[ATE-2525] - Add sample RESTful Clients to GitHub

[ATE-2536] - Upgrade XLSX and PPTX templates to post 16.2.0 chart/bitmap functionality.

[ATE-2650] - Make Data Tree in SQL Wizard searchable

[ATE-2799] - Remove SalesForce credentials from shipped sample template

[ATE-2816] - Add support in .NET engine for connecting to SalesForce via Authorization Token

[ATE-2817] - Add support in RESTfulEngine for new SalesForce connection

[ATE-2826] - Add support in Java engine for connecting to SalesForce via Authorization Token

[ATE-2967] - remove mongodb references


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