Release Notes

Customer Reported Defects

[ATE-2233] - CLONE - HD#26132 - Content control drop down text is noticeably lower than the rest of the paragraph

[ATE-2797] - HD#26705 - PPT output resulting in TinyException and NullReferenceException

[ATE-2800] - HD#26688 - Word is unable to open Designer DOCX output file

[ATE-2815] - HD#26773 - PPT output resulting in TinyException and NullReferenceException

[ATE-2818] - HD#26689 - Incorrect sorting when output generated by Java Engine

[ATE-2821] - HD#26781 - HTML output adding extra spaces between table rows

[ATE-2825] - HD#26786-Issue navigating “Table of contents” section in PDF Output

[ATE-2836] - HD#27041 - Fonts disappear if not supported in Unicode encoding

[ATE-2837] - HD#26799 - Unable to change a chart's data source

[ATE-2840] - HD#26791 - Substitute function errors when used in a"Template" type Out Tag

[ATE-2841] - HD#26819 - Generating output results in an Equation Error

[ATE-2844] - HD#26809 - Word can't open the DOCX output file from a template with a line chart

[ATE-2963] - HD#26834 - Table of Contents numbering is wrong in PDF output

[ATE-2999] - HD#26871 - PPTX Template 'Not responding' issues while editing- Windward Reporting Engine Upgrade from 10x to 16x.

[ATE-3012] - HD#26245 - Additional and missing newlines in Java Engine TXT output [part 2]

[ATE-3017] - HD#26876 - .NET Engine output resulting in Array index out of range: 2

[ATE-3038] - HD#26971 - Table of Contents font in DOCX output is different than font in template

[ATE-3044] - HD#26981, 27070, 27090 - Receiving OVER_ALLOWED_NUMBER_OF_AUTOTAGS 2 AutoTags running, only 2 licensed

[ATE-3093] - HD#27016 - Nested ForEach Tags don't return result sets in v16.5

[ATE-3100] - HD#27015, #27055 - breaks CJK character output in Java Engine PDF output

[ATE-3129] - HD#27001 - SQL query fails with Report Designer v16

[ATE-3134] - HD#26897, 27032 Salesforce metadata not being populated

[ATE-3137] - HD#26847 - Using NUMBERVALUE function results in "Unknown object type" and not all of the values from the ForEach are displayed

[ATE-3147] - HD#27084 - Output is resulting in An unknown tag exception

Internally Reported Defects

[ATE-2560] - Windward calculates an incorrect width for Excel columns

[ATE-3049] - Engine generates a corrupted PPTX file

[ATE-3076] - Table of Contents font and font-size numbering is incorrect in PDF output

[ATE-3150] - Hits an exception in OneTime help

[ATE-3157] - Converting a text chart tag to an object chart tag puts incorrect data in chart

Development Cycle Defect

[ATE-3026] - There is an extra blue logo in the Tag Editor.

New Functionality Development

No customer facing New Functionality this release.


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