Release Notes

Customer Reported Defect

[ATE-1499] - HD#25309 - PDF output is not indicating the correct total number of pages

[ATE-2347] - HD#25914 - In output the table column width is not as expected

[ATE-2706] - HD#26400 - Clicking on Input Parameters button causes exception

[ATE-2804] - HD#26739 - PowerPoint Chart legend text misaligned in Designer output

[ATE-2832] - HD#26717 - Clean Template creates a corrupt file

[ATE-2842] - HD#26804 - Some chapters are not clickable in the table of contents

[ATE-2845] - HD#26816 - PDF output resulting in NullReferenceException

[ATE-2960] - HD#26779 - Previewing a Tag with a NULL value results in an exception

[ATE-2971] - HD#26785-Issue with pptx ForEach tag is not available from Out tag

[ATE-2975] - HD#26877 - JSON sort doesn't work

[ATE-2977] - HD#26851 - Blank page incorrectly added after Import Tag

[ATE-2979] - HD#26878 - Only one Import Tag Property can be changed

[ATE-2997] - HD#26855 - Exception received when using data() in an If Tag

[ATE-2998] - HD#26761 - Subsections are incorrectly indented in PDF output

[ATE-3010] - HD#26902 - Exception occurs in Designer output with XPath 2.0 data source, but not XPath 1.0 data source

[ATE-3030] - HD#26937 - PDF output is not respecting the "Keep lines together" setting

[ATE-3040] - HD#26938 - Content shifts up in PDF output

[ATE-3041] - HD#26930 - Headers are incorrectly imported from sub-template in PDF output

[ATE-3043] - HD#26983 - Issue with datetime for excel output

[ATE-3048] - HD#26958 - Un-ordered lists in HTML are not styled properly

[ATE-3055] - Next and Previous buttons found in the Tag editor only work with Next and do not update when you click Previous

[ATE-3087] - HD#27013 - Orderby in JPath Wizard is not added to the query in the Tag Editor

[ATE-3088] - HD#27012 - Text format issue for Out Tag displaying HTML text

[ATE-3094] - HD#27018 - In PDF output the text is overlapping an image

[ATE-3095] - HD#27019 - In PDF output an image and text is overlapping the image above it

[ATE-3097] - HD#27020 - In PDF output the text is shifted up from where it should be displayed

[ATE-3099] - HD#27022 - In PDF output content is shifted up from where it should be displayed and text is missing

[ATE-3116] - HD#27052 - Exception received when a query contains two bracket notations

[ATE-3132] - HD#26996 - PPTX - EndForEach Tag fails with "no preceding start tag" exception

[ATE-3136] - HD#27047,#27121 - Arabic words are reversed in DOCX output

[ATE-3139] - HD#27011 - Barcode Font not showing up in PDF output

[ATE-3140] - HD#27064, #27238 - Excel error every time you exit Excel

[ATE-3151] - HD#27094 - Some tags have wrong font size in cleaned template

[ATE-3179] - HD#27261 - Webinar - Data Bin icons for SQL connection don't match their type

[ATE-3180] - HD#27102 - Bar chart in DOCX output has category labels reversed

[ATE-3181] - HD#27045 - Input parameters are different after re-opening the template

[ATE-3182] - HD#27046 - The Connection Editor opens twice

[ATE-3183] - HD#27138 - The Connection Editor opens when closing the template

[ATE-3188] - CLONE - HD#24919 - Text overlaps the footer in PDF output

[ATE-3190] - HD#27140 - Report Designer and Java Report Engine PDF output from the same template are different

[ATE-3200] - HD#27147 - Can't create a data set with valid JSON query

[ATE-3210] - HD#27316 - Generating XLSM output results in output that needs to be repaired

[ATE-3222] - HD#27174 - Generating XLSX output results in output that needs to be repaired

[ATE-3239] - HD#27211 - Some of the Table of Contents text changes to white in PDF output

[ATE-3241] - HD#27184 - Numbers output incorrectly from a DOCX template with Dutch (Curacao) locale set

[ATE-3250] - HD#27218 - All Pages are not displayed in DOCX output

[ATE-3305] - HD#27303 - <font> tag is handled differently in

[ATE-3315] - HD#27318 - Problem with PPTX output and OpenXML API after applying

[ATE-3423] - HD#27481, HD#27484 - net.windward.util.LicenseException received

[ATE-3430] - HD#27481 - net.windward.util.LicenseException received

[ATE-3438] - HD#27440 NumThreads not correctly set

Internally Reported Defect

[ATE-2785] - Running template that has input parameters opens prompt to edit input parameters, not enter

[ATE-2835] - License check allows .NET engine use if AutoTag is run on a computer

[ATE-3070] - RangeArray() cannot show preview

[ATE-3072] - Metadata tree node images are wrong

[ATE-3074] - ${var} is not recognized by the Select

[ATE-3081] - Webinar - Wrong table style applied

[ATE-3127] - DOCX output contains corrupted image

[ATE-3196] - Java engine doesn't work using Java 11 on Debian based linux

[ATE-3238] - CLONE - Converting a text chart tag to an object chart tag puts incorrect data in chart

[ATE-3346] - Solo- batch run fails with an exception

[ATE-3434] - CLONE - Unable to drag and drop from Data Bin in Designer

New Functionality Development

[ATE-1450] - Make properties local to a report

[ATE-2547] - Provide ability to set all ADO.NET connection properties

[ATE-2651] - Make Data Tree in XML Wizard searchable

[ATE-2652] - Make Data Tree in JSON Wizard searchable

[ATE-2980] - Upgrade Bouncy Castle files to the newest version


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