Version 16.5.0 Features

Windward’s new version release 16.5.0 is available to download for all now! We’re excited to offer new and updated features and tools to help streamline your document automation process!

Search Data Tree in Tag Editor:

You can now search your data tree for a specific node in your database with ease! With the new Search Bar in the tag editor, you to access a desired node with a simple search of it’s name, rather than scrolling through a long Data Tree.

Search Data Tree in SQL Wizard:

When using the SQL Wizard, you can now use the new Search Bar to find specific nodes in your Datasource more swiftly and efficiently!

RESTful Engine Printer Support:

As a RESTful Engine user with printer requirements, you can now set your specified printer properties in the REST request to preform more complicated printing tasks using the REST API.

Connect to SalesForce with OAuth:

Now there is added support in the .NET and Java engines for connecting to Salesforce data via an access token and a soap  endpoint. This allows easier access to the data by eliminating the need for a username, password and token.

OffsetTotalMinutes() Macro:

The OffsetTotalMinutes() macro will return the total minutes that your local time is offset from UTC.


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