Version 21.0.0 Features

System Requirements

Windward Designer
  • Windows
  • Office
  • .Net 4.6.1 or later

Select Distinct Values from Datasource

Designer Users can select distinct values from a datasource by using the Distinct() Macro in Edit Tag Window

Separate Values based on a Delimiter from Datasource

Designer Users can specify separate values based on a delimiter such as a comma from their datasource using the Split() Macro in the Edit Tag Window 

PDF Outputs Support Shape Background Colors

PDF generated outputs now handle changes in shape background color and transparency

Esc Key Exits Query Wizard and Connection Editor

Press Esc key on keyboard to exit Query Wizard or Connection Editor

Hot Keys for immediate Tag insertion

Designer Users can now use hot keys to insert tags by pressing Alt to show hotkeys on ribbon and pressing X W to show hotkeys for Windward Tab 

Reset All One-Time Warnings to Appear Again

Designer users can reset one-time warnings to appear again by accessing Windward Tools > Options > Advanced > Reset Warnings

Java RESTful Engine

Windward now has a Java RESTful Engine 


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