Customer Reported Defects

ATE-5254 HD#29895-JSON Nested forEach throws an error.
ATE-5253 HD#29892-JSON Sum Data macros throwing an error.
ATE-5216 Webinar - Using Clean Template results in an error and the template name changing.
ATE-5193 Make sure duplicate parameters are handled in the Java RESTful Engine.
ATE-5179 HD#29589 - font size changed for standard styles when HTML imported to the template
ATE-5177 HD#29746 - ForEach Tag break property not appearing unless a space is added after the ForEach tag or before the EndForEach tag
ATE-5173 Webinar - Double clicking a Tag in the Tag Tree does not bring you to that Tag
ATE-5164 HD#29694-Windward Java Engine increased the size of images in PDF Output
ATE-5155 Linked PODs fail if the link is an http(s)
ATE-5125 HD#29644 - XPath 3.1 is showing a result when Previewing a ForEach Tag that uses the "begin" property
ATE-5124 HD#29643-XPATH: Out tag querying nested ForEach tag is not outputting data
ATE-5121 HD#29625 - PPTX output resulting in exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array
ATE-5117 HD#29626 - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.System.NullReferenceException" exception when using RESTful service
ATE-5107 Webinar, HD#29627 - Conditional Formatting Rule Manager UI layout issues
ATE-5099 HD#29571 - Hyperlinks don't lead to attached links in PPTX output, but does in PDF output without correct hyperlink formatting
ATE-5097 HD#29565-Line Chart added on top of bar chart doesn't appear in PDF output
ATE-5094 HD#29493 - UnsupportedOperationException during report generation
ATE-5086 HD#29558 - Multi-level numbered lists in output change changes "a" and "b" to "1" and "2"
ATE-5083 HD#29566 - Exception received when using the OData Connection Debugger
ATE-5080 HD#29543 - Table built from HTML code is not formatted correctly in the output
ATE-5078 HD#29559-Windward Java Engine Excel Template JSON datasource memory exception
ATE-5063 HD#29196-Stacked Bar Chart missing error bars in PDF output
ATE-5039 HD#29536-Pie Chart Data Labels are incorrect in PDF Output
ATE-5036 HD#29502 - Null Pointer Exception is received when Java Engine logging.filename is turned on
ATE-5030 HD#29528-Chart Y Axis Units are correct for some equipment and wrong for other equipment should be 10% each marker not 12.5%
ATE-5029 HD#29470 - Single instance of double quotes in HTML code is causing output issues
ATE-5027 HD#29512 - After HTML underline is applied, other text is incorrectly being underlined
ATE-5026 HD#29505 - Word crashes when adding a Global Linked POD to a Master Template
ATE-5023 HD#29514-PowerPoint template throws Index Out of Bounds error on output
ATE-5021 HD#29510 - Java Engine logging is not creating a log file
ATE-5019 HD#29166 - jsonpath wizard is not writing selects with ".limit" correctly
ATE-5007 HD#29482-PPTX template unable to produce .pdf or pptx output
ATE-5006 HD#29440 - Use office for PDF output does not output with import tags
ATE-4993 HD#29454-Formulas including named cells are destroyed in Excel output version but work without issue in version
ATE-4989 HD#29443 - PDF file is not imported by the import tag
ATE-4974 HD#29421 - Top table border not solid when continue to next page
ATE-4970 HD#29419 - If over 5,000 list styles, throws a NullPointerException
ATE-4958 HD#29386-Nested ForEach Loops with outer ForEach order=column and block=true stops working after inner ForEach loop completes
ATE-4953 HD#29402-Pivot table throws an exception for multiple string values and different font size
ATE-4951 HD#29340 - Chart tag needed to generate graph with multiple scatter plot lines displayed as a single line
ATE-4946 HD#29396 - Output is resulting in IndexOutOfRangeException
ATE-4931 HD#29376 - Footer is missing in PDF output
ATE-4909 HD#29320 - Not all Out Tag Conditional formatting in Excel output is applied
ATE-4908 HD#29315 - Footer gets cut off when outputting to PDF
ATE-4896 HD#29338 - Adding a second Scatter plot in a Chart Tag causes lines to change from solid to not solid
ATE-4856 HD#29221 - .NET RESTful Client: output resulting in error "An item with the same key has already been added"
ATE-4847 HD#29294-MacroEvaluator:ValueToken - Cannot have two literals in a row (IllegalAugumentException) This Tag worked in but is broken in
ATE-4843 HD#29247 - Unable to apply Select/Where clause on table results of Stored Procedure
ATE-4841 HD#29244 - Passing a parameter to a stored procedure with a "," in the text fails
ATE-4802 HD#29262-Error While Connecting to the Oracle using the ODP.NET_Managed_ODAC122cR1 connector
ATE-4800 HD#29254-SQL Select Distinct is also doing an OrderBy that same field when it's not asked for
ATE-4796 HD#29126 - Error message lacks info on root cause of template file corruption
ATE-4777 HD#29096 - Unable to cast object of type generating on Server version (.NET 20.3)
ATE-4762 HD#28760 -Stacked Bar Chart with Error Bars, error bars incorrect size in PDF output
ATE-4722 HD#29030 - First imported PDF page, if the import comes after a hard page break, does not change the page size/orientation to match the imported page
ATE-4701 HD#28999 - File size of PDF output after 20.2.1 is 8-10 times larger than it was in 16.7.2
ATE-4656 HD#29123 - Two data point icons in output Chart are incorrect shape for their series
ATE-4627 HD#29051-Pivot Table only uses the first row of the expanding ForEach records on the raw data sheet
ATE-4607 HD#29014 - Output is resulting in "Exception: The required item type of the first operand of '/' is node()"
ATE-3872 Turning the Block=True setting on a ForEach tag in an Excel sheet where one of the cells between the ForEach and the EndForEach is a merged cell throws an index out of bounds exception

Internally Reported Defect

ATE-5230 BLOCKER | Java engine isn't able to output
ATE-5118 Default Datasource connections missing in Connections Editor.
ATE-5084 RESTfulClients.zip does not contain the License agreement.
ATE-5066 2 instances of MSSQL datasource in the connection editor.
ATE-4988 Set graph (layer) order in chart by chart.xml series order property
ATE-4628 Chart data point markers are wrong for some configurations
ATE-3384 Simple BITMAP tag in PPTX with anchor property set only outputs once with a ForEach tag

New Functionality Development

ATE-5187 Use PDFTron SDK for PDF output
ATE-5158 An import tag can import a template from the Hub REST API passing a token as a header for auth
ATE-5082 Update generate code for Java Client
ATE-5081 Update generate code for RESTful .NET Client
ATE-4895 "Windward Hub" ribbon is shown for users authenticating Hub with their Hub login
ATE-4724 A datasource with a REST request as the connection string can use a "API Key (Header)" for auth.
ATE-4716 User is required to give their Hub password again in Designer after 24 hours of inactivity
ATE-4473 More Detailed Logging for WrProviderFactories.cs
ATE-3979 Update generate code for Python client library compatible with V2 Endpoint
ATE-3978 Update generate code for JavaScript client library compatible with V2 Endpoint
ATE-3056 Conditionally color Word table cells based on dynamic data


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