For .NET Engine and .NET RESTful Engine versions 21.1+ you will need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable if you get the following error when initializing the RESTful Engine, or when trying to output PDF using PDFtron in .NET Engine:

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'PDFNet.dll' or one of its dependencies.

You can get the installer from here (click here for direct download of x64 version)

Customer Reported Defects

ATE-5254 HD#29895-JSON Nested forEach throws an error.
ATE-5253 HD#29892-JSON Sum Data macros throwing an error.
ATE-5216 Webinar - Using Clean Template results in an error and the template name changing.
ATE-5193 Make sure duplicate parameters are handled in the Java RESTful Engine.
ATE-5179 HD#29589 - font size changed for standard styles when HTML imported to the template
ATE-5177 HD#29746 - ForEach Tag break property not appearing unless a space is added after the ForEach tag or before the EndForEach tag
ATE-5173 Webinar - Double clicking a Tag in the Tag Tree does not bring you to that Tag
ATE-5164 HD#29694-Windward Java Engine increased the size of images in PDF Output
ATE-5155 Linked PODs fail if the link is an http(s)
ATE-5125 HD#29644 - XPath 3.1 is showing a result when Previewing a ForEach Tag that uses the "begin" property
ATE-5124 HD#29643-XPATH: Out tag querying nested ForEach tag is not outputting data
ATE-5121 HD#29625 - PPTX output resulting in exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array
ATE-5117 HD#29626 - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.System.NullReferenceException" exception when using RESTful service
ATE-5107 Webinar, HD#29627 - Conditional Formatting Rule Manager UI layout issues
ATE-5099 HD#29571 - Hyperlinks don't lead to attached links in PPTX output, but does in PDF output without correct hyperlink formatting
ATE-5097 HD#29565-Line Chart added on top of bar chart doesn't appear in PDF output
ATE-5094 HD#29493 - UnsupportedOperationException during report generation
ATE-5086 HD#29558 - Multi-level numbered lists in output change changes "a" and "b" to "1" and "2"
ATE-5083 HD#29566 - Exception received when using the OData Connection Debugger
ATE-5080 HD#29543 - Table built from HTML code is not formatted correctly in the output
ATE-5078 HD#29559-Windward Java Engine Excel Template JSON datasource memory exception
ATE-5063 HD#29196-Stacked Bar Chart missing error bars in PDF output
ATE-5039 HD#29536-Pie Chart Data Labels are incorrect in PDF Output
ATE-5036 HD#29502 - Null Pointer Exception is received when Java Engine logging.filename is turned on
ATE-5030 HD#29528-Chart Y Axis Units are correct for some equipment and wrong for other equipment should be 10% each marker not 12.5%
ATE-5029 HD#29470 - Single instance of double quotes in HTML code is causing output issues
ATE-5027 HD#29512 - After HTML underline is applied, other text is incorrectly being underlined
ATE-5026 HD#29505 - Word crashes when adding a Global Linked POD to a Master Template
ATE-5023 HD#29514-PowerPoint template throws Index Out of Bounds error on output
ATE-5021 HD#29510 - Java Engine logging is not creating a log file
ATE-5019 HD#29166 - jsonpath wizard is not writing selects with ".limit" correctly
ATE-5007 HD#29482-PPTX template unable to produce .pdf or pptx output
ATE-5006 HD#29440 - Use office for PDF output does not output with import tags
ATE-4993 HD#29454-Formulas including named cells are destroyed in Excel output version but work without issue in version
ATE-4989 HD#29443 - PDF file is not imported by the import tag
ATE-4974 HD#29421 - Top table border not solid when continue to next page
ATE-4970 HD#29419 - If over 5,000 list styles, throws a NullPointerException
ATE-4958 HD#29386-Nested ForEach Loops with outer ForEach order=column and block=true stops working after inner ForEach loop completes
ATE-4953 HD#29402-Pivot table throws an exception for multiple string values and different font size
ATE-4951 HD#29340 - Chart tag needed to generate graph with multiple scatter plot lines displayed as a single line
ATE-4946 HD#29396 - Output is resulting in IndexOutOfRangeException
ATE-4931 HD#29376 - Footer is missing in PDF output
ATE-4909 HD#29320 - Not all Out Tag Conditional formatting in Excel output is applied
ATE-4908 HD#29315 - Footer gets cut off when outputting to PDF
ATE-4896 HD#29338 - Adding a second Scatter plot in a Chart Tag causes lines to change from solid to not solid
ATE-4856 HD#29221 - .NET RESTful Client: output resulting in error "An item with the same key has already been added"
ATE-4847 HD#29294-MacroEvaluator:ValueToken - Cannot have two literals in a row (IllegalAugumentException) This Tag worked in but is broken in
ATE-4843 HD#29247 - Unable to apply Select/Where clause on table results of Stored Procedure
ATE-4841 HD#29244 - Passing a parameter to a stored procedure with a "," in the text fails
ATE-4802 HD#29262-Error While Connecting to the Oracle using the ODP.NET_Managed_ODAC122cR1 connector
ATE-4800 HD#29254-SQL Select Distinct is also doing an OrderBy that same field when it's not asked for
ATE-4796 HD#29126 - Error message lacks info on root cause of template file corruption
ATE-4777 HD#29096 - Unable to cast object of type generating on Server version (.NET 20.3)
ATE-4762 HD#28760 -Stacked Bar Chart with Error Bars, error bars incorrect size in PDF output
ATE-4722 HD#29030 - First imported PDF page, if the import comes after a hard page break, does not change the page size/orientation to match the imported page
ATE-4701 HD#28999 - File size of PDF output after 20.2.1 is 8-10 times larger than it was in 16.7.2
ATE-4656 HD#29123 - Two data point icons in output Chart are incorrect shape for their series
ATE-4627 HD#29051-Pivot Table only uses the first row of the expanding ForEach records on the raw data sheet
ATE-4607 HD#29014 - Output is resulting in "Exception: The required item type of the first operand of '/' is node()"
ATE-3872 Turning the Block=True setting on a ForEach tag in an Excel sheet where one of the cells between the ForEach and the EndForEach is a merged cell throws an index out of bounds exception

Internally Reported Defect

ATE-5230 BLOCKER | Java engine isn't able to output
ATE-5118 Default Datasource connections missing in Connections Editor.
ATE-5084 RESTfulClients.zip does not contain the License agreement.
ATE-5066 2 instances of MSSQL datasource in the connection editor.
ATE-4988 Set graph (layer) order in chart by chart.xml series order property
ATE-4628 Chart data point markers are wrong for some configurations
ATE-3384 Simple BITMAP tag in PPTX with anchor property set only outputs once with a ForEach tag

New Functionality Development

ATE-5187 Use PDFTron SDK for PDF output
ATE-5158 An import tag can import a template from the Hub REST API passing a token as a header for auth
ATE-5082 Update generate code for Java Client
ATE-5081 Update generate code for RESTful .NET Client
ATE-4895 "Windward Hub" ribbon is shown for users authenticating Hub with their Hub login
ATE-4724 A datasource with a REST request as the connection string can use a "API Key (Header)" for auth.
ATE-4716 User is required to give their Hub password again in Designer after 24 hours of inactivity
ATE-4473 More Detailed Logging for WrProviderFactories.cs
ATE-3979 Update generate code for Python client library compatible with V2 Endpoint
ATE-3978 Update generate code for JavaScript client library compatible with V2 Endpoint
ATE-3056 Conditionally color Word table cells based on dynamic data


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