For .NET Engine and .NET RESTful Engine versions 21.1+ you will need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable if you get the following error when initializing the RESTful Engine, or when trying to output PDF using PDFtron in .NET Engine:

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'PDFNet.dll' or one of its dependencies.

You can get the installer from here (click here for direct download of x64 version)

Customer Reported Defect

ATE-5328 HD#29320 - Out Tag Conditional Formatting Line Style Double Not Working in XLSX Output
ATE-5327 HD#29320 - Out Tag Conditional Formatting Double Strikethrough Not Working in XLSX Output
ATE-5326 HD#29320 - Out Tag Conditional Formatting Text Color (back) Not Working in XLSX Output
ATE-5325 HD#29320 - Out Tag Conditional Formatting Vertical Alignment Not Working in XLSX Output
ATE-5324 HD#29320 - Out Tag Conditional Formatting Cell Color Not Working in XLSX Output
ATE-5264 HD#29898 - Charts in output are different in version compared to
ATE-5258 HD#29418 - Data label font is wrong size in PDF output
ATE-5257 HD#29418 - Data labels missing in .net engine PDF output
ATE-5256 HD#29418 - X Axis in wrong spot in PDF output
ATE-5217 Webinar - Using Clean Template results in Out Tag properties not displaying in the Tag Tree
ATE-5209 HD#29699- Windward v21.0.2.0 is throwing exception on a template which works in previous version, for example v20.0.2.0
ATE-5205 HD#29806-PPTX throws an error when using the varStatus.count variable in an IF tag
ATE-5176 HD#29752-Y Axis Compressed in Column Chart with Out-End Data Labels
ATE-5147 HD#29688 - Can't enter license key in UI after downloading latest version
ATE-5133 HD#29663 - Values do not display when using XPath 3.1, but does when using XPath 1.0
ATE-5119 HD#29243 - No way to scroll or adjust License Window when scaled at 200%
ATE-5098 HD#29587 - HTML output does not display table borders
ATE-5089 Exit Edit Tag Window with Escape Key
ATE-5077 HD#29563 - Color output on Excel Template is incorrect
ATE-5060 HD#29540 - Bold formatting is not applied in the template but the DOCX output applies bold formatting
ATE-5054 HD#29519 - Long duration of Excel output creation
ATE-5053 HD#29522 - Line spacing is different when using JSON compared to XML data file
ATE-5038 HD#29526 - Text has a black background color instead of transparent background color
ATE-4982 HD#29434- Embedded Template Doesn't Show up in HTML Output
ATE-4969 HD#29418 - Chart tags not rendering in PDF
ATE-4909 HD#29320 - Out Tag Conditional Formatting Line Color Not Working in XLSX Output

Internally Reported Defects

ATE-4591 PPTX template fails to generate output when connected to Oracle using the deprecated driver

New Functionality Development

ATE-4854 QA: CLONE - Change JavaDoc Windward "Reports" to Windward "Document Generation" 21.0.0
ATE-4761 Special Text Data Labels in Charts
ATE-3416 Checkbox content control outputs to PDF with check mark instead of x mark
ATE-3224 Show detailed license error message when setting a new license and it fails


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