Customer Reported Defect

ATE-5703 CLONE - HD#30098,HD#30114-JSON data source window blank in Excel and PowerPoint
ATE-5684 HD#30390 - Blank pages and footer page number issues in PDF output
ATE-5666 HD#30367-Error when generating document on Java RESTful engine
ATE-5663 HD#30371 - Text is overlapping in PDF output
ATE-5662 CLONE - HD#30356 - Text after hyperlink is displayed incorrectly in blue and underlined
ATE-5640 HD#30346 - Checkmark not the correct color in PDF output
ATE-5639 HD#30344 - Formatting issue with Word pages field code in PDF output
ATE-5637 HD#30331-HTML not honored in PDF or DOCX output when upgrading from to
ATE-5629 HD#30161 (2) - Early break in page when using line break
ATE-5620 HD#30290 - Error when importing child template containing lists
ATE-5619 HD#30326 - Extra cells added at the end of rows with foreach tags and horizontal merges
ATE-5617 HD#30255 - Text overlapping in PDF output
ATE-5611 HD#30250 - URL Link Generation for Images in HTML Templates
ATE-5602 CLONE - HD#29403,HD#29742 - Table issues when End ForEach Tag deleteRow property set to true
ATE-5601 CLONE - HD#29556 - Text is overlapping another cell in PDF output
ATE-5542 HD#30233 - Unable to cast object of type 'net.windward.format.pdf.output.pdf.PdfName' to type 'net.windward.format.pdf.output.pdf.PdfString'. (InvalidCastExcept
ATE-5532 HD#30271 - Extra Pages Added
ATE-5527 Clone - HD#29540 - Bold formatting is not applied in the template but the DOCX output applies bold formatting
ATE-5519 HD#30226 - Variable of ForEach tag selecting Custom function, cannot be evaluated/used in nested loops
ATE-5517 HD#30256-REGEXEXTRACT macro not returning all matches
ATE-5499 HD#30227 - Using the rename all references of a var, after changing its name, breaks all Tags that use it
ATE-5494 HD#30221 - Extra series added to chart legend in PDF output
ATE-5487 HD#30076 - Time format not showing the correct seconds.
ATE-5484 Null Pointer Exception on output for ticket ATE-5229: Converting date to UK format
ATE-5469 HD#30179 - Text is overlapping in PDF output
ATE-5467 HD#30188 - Message received indicating .XLSX output needs to be repaired
ATE-5464 HD#30190 - Message received indicating .XLSX output needs to be repaired
ATE-5463 HD#30187 - Text is overlapping in PDF output
ATE-5458 HD#30161 - Different line spacing interpretation when using a line break or a paragraph break
ATE-5252 HD#29166 - Receive IndexOutOfBoundsException using Macros with some json data sources.
ATE-5236 HD#29835 - TagException received when trying to generate output

Internally Reported Defects

ATE-5636 "Element Para does not start with an ElementChar" error thrown
ATE-5466 JSON wizard gives correct select for unnamed arrays at the root


ATE-5683 Upgrade JSOUP java library to 1.14.3 to address CVE issues
ATE-5649 Return Error object when trying to get document that failed due to error
ATE-5465 Allow indication of boolean or string comparison when JSON value is "true" or "false" in the JSON Wizard filters
ATE-5432 HD#30005 - HTTP/S requests retry on failure
ATE-4950 Allow Different Charts to be shown when associated with a for-each tag for each row of data
ATE-4331 Datasets no longer are required to be passed to the Engines when processing


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