Hub Functionality Released in 20.4.0

Organizations Can Organize Content by Department

Hub users can now organize their content by department. Departments are used to organize:

  • The Document Library
  • Jobs
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Output History

Users can view different content by viewing a different department.

One-Click Output from the Document Library

Users can now output a single template from the Document Library in a single click. If the template requires any input parameters, they must fill the input parameters in the modal prompt.

Users Can Trial Without Entering Credit Card Info

The free trial can now be activated without needing to enter a credit card.

Added Admin Capabilities

Admin's can now manage subscriptions and manage users.

Various Usability Improvements

  • Made selecting templates for a Job more intuitive
  • User can order rows in the Document Library by column
  • Reduced columns in Jobs screen
  • User can order rows in the Jobs screen by column
  • Job Details shows static and dynamic documents in same part of screen
  • A user must confirm before deleting a schedule
  • User can see templates from all integrations in the Document Library at the same time
  • User can see templates from all integrations when configuring a Job at the same time
  • User can see templates from all integrations in the Output History screen at the same time
  • Improved clarity on how users can get Designer access in the Report Designer prompt
  • Reduced columns in Configure Job screen
  • Reduced columns in Output History
  • Increased contrast in the side-bar
  • Improved usability of "Upload Document Template" dialog


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