Hub Functionality Released in 20.7.0

UI Redesign

This release includes the first round of UI redesign including a new design for the:

  • Job Details page
  • Output Detail page
  • Configuring a new Job
  • Document Template Detail page
  • User Profile page
  • Upload Template modal dialog
  • Output exception modal dialog

Hub Public API

This release includes the first round of Hub public API functionality. Specifically API endpoints were added to Hub to:

  • Get a list of templates the user has access to
  • Run a template to output

The user can acquire an API token from the Hub User Profile page.

Documentation for the Hub Included API can be found here.

Usability Improvements

This release included some usability improvements including:

  • A clearer message when a user exceeds their monthly page limit
  • Real-time field validation on the Billing Info step of organization registration


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