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How Do I Install Report Designer Office Edition?

Installing Report Designer Office Edition (the Report Designer) just takes a few clicks!

Download the Web Installer

  • In your browser navigate to
  • Click on "Start your free trial!"
  • Complete the "Start a 14-Day Trial" form
  • Select "Report Designer" and click on "Start Trial"

Click on "Download Report Designer"

Install the Report Designer

  • Run the program WindwardWebInstall.exe you downloaded above. It will download the appropriate version of Report Designer for your computer.
  • Click on "Next"

Accept the EULA and click on "Next"

Enter your Report Designer license key when prompted, and click on "Next".

Click on "Install" to accept the default installation directory, or "Browse..." to another directory and click on "Next".

Click on "Finish"

  • Start Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • When Word, Excel or PowerPoint starts, it may indicate that you do not have a valid license. If so, click on "Yes". At the prompt, copy and paste your license key into the license key field as above.
  • Verify that the Report Designer tabs are available. If the Report Designer tabs are not present, reboot your system.


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