Creating an Invoice in Windward Designer

This multi-part tutorial will walk you through creating a finished invoice template in Windward Designer. The videos below walk users through creating a sample invoice in detail, starting with some Microsoft Word basics and ending with an example of a completed invoice.

Part 1

The first part of this tutorial walks users through necessary layout functionality in Microsoft Word and shows users how to connect to a datasource within the Windward Designer.

Part 2

The second part of this tutorial dives into creating input parameters, generating dynamic values from a datasource, and using the SQL Select Wizard.

Part 3

The third part of this tutorial continues to give examples of generating values from a datasource, touches on additional layout functionality within Word that's necessary to create the sample invoice, and changing the output format of number and date values.

Part 4

The fourth part of this tutorial uses information explained in the previous videos to add more information to the sample invoice, and also gives an example of using a forEach tag.

Part 5

The fifth part of this tutorial continues to create the sample invoice while introducing the equations feature that allows for users to combine multiple datasources fields together.

Part 6

The sixth part of this tutorial demonstrates how to use the previous queries for multiple purposes to save time, and also gives an example of creating an equation to sum variable fields together.

Part 7

The final part of this tutorial finalizes the sample invoice, including discussing if tags, presents the final product, and shows example outputs.


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