How Do I Use Datasets?


This article will outline the features of the new Datasets and describe how to use them.

What do Datasets Do?

Datasets have been re-written from scratch to be more powerful and easier to use. Unlike our previous Datasets (which required being saved in a POD file to utilize in the Windward engines), new Datasets can be used like all other Datasources. This makes Datasets easier to manage and deploy in an application.

Datasets are analogous to SQL views. They can help simplify Tag queries by showing only the relevant subset of a data source in the Data Tree views and Select Wizards.

Where to Use New Datasets

Datasets are created in the Connection Editor for valid Datasource Providers. Valid Datasource Providers include

  • SQL Datasources (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, or DB2)
  • XPath 2.0
  • JSON
  • OData
  • Microsoft Access (ODBC)

How to Use New Datasets in Designer

Datasets can be created by selecting the desired active Datasource connection and clicking the “Data Set” button. This creates an empty Dataset based on the selected Datasource.

Next, create a query for the Dataset by either manually entering a query or by using a Wizard. When you’re finished editing a Dataset, click “Update” to save all changes.


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