How Do I Dynamically Set A Watermark

This article will explain how to dynamically set a watermark at the time of output. 

We will use the Import Tag and an Input Parameter to define the watermark file that will be used.

It is also possible to use a path defined in a data file for the watermark in the Import Tag instead of using an Input Parameter.

Connect to a datasource

  1. Connect to your datasource by adding your Connection String or credentials, then click Connect.

Create an Input Parameter

  1. Open the Windward tab.
  2. Click the Input Parameters button.
  3. Click Add in the Input Parameters window.
  4. Provide the watermark with a name.
  5. Add a default value to a watermark file.
  6. Click Save.

Add an Import Tag in the Header

  1. Open the document's header.
  2. Insert an Import Tag.
  3. Select the Import Tag and click Edit Tag in the Windward tab.
  4. Add the Input Parameter in the Query tab.
  1. In the Windward tab, set the Type to BITMAP.
  2. In the Windward tab, set the Size to container.

Set the Container Size and Position

  1. Click on the Layout Options icon.
  2. Select the Behind Text option.
  1. Click See more...
  2. In the Layout Position tab, set the Horizontal and Vertical Absolute positions of the watermark.
  1. In the Layout Size tab, set the Height and Width Absolute values of the watermark.
  2. Click OK.

Generate Output

  1. In the Windward tab, generate output.
  2. When prompted, add the path to the watermark.
  3. Click OK.


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