How Do I Use Barcodes in Designer?

This article reviews how to use QR Codes in you Designer template. 

What is a Bar Code?

A bar code is an image that when scanned will present data. Ascii characters as well as letters and numbers can be stored in a bar code. Therefore, the type of data that can be stored can include URLs, Numbers, Words, etc. 

How Do I Use Bar Codes in Designer?

1. Connect to your Datasource in the Windward Ribbon

2. Once connected to your desired Datasource add an Out Tag 

3. Edit the Out Tag for it to bring up the Edit Tag. This will bring up the Edit Tag - [Out Tag] window. Here select the data desired to be encoded in the Bar code.

4. In the Edit Tag - [Out Tag] window navigate to the properties tab and under Tag select type Barcode

5. Save the Tag and the Out Tag should turn into a Type BARCODE. From here select the Barcode Format desired and the change will be reflected in the template after Previewing. 


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