How Do I Use the OData Select Debugger?

This article describes how to use the OData Select Debugger. 

The debugger is very easy to use; it will show you the results of a successful OData query, and also the exception stack for a bad OData query.

OData Debugger Interface

To open the OData Debugger dialog, select a Tag with an OData query, and go to Windward Tools and click Debug Query > OData Select:

Successful Query

In the upper left-hand Select Pane, chose the data source (it must already be connected), enter your query, and press "Execute". If the query is successful, you will see its results in the bottom Results Pane and get a "select successful" message at the bottom of the window:

Problem Query

If the query fails with an exception, you will see the exception stack trace in the Exception Pane and a error message at the bottom of the window:


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