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How Do I Use the Salesforce Connection Debugger?

The Salesforce Connection Debugger can be used to construct and debug connection strings for Salesforce data sources. 

With the Salesforce Connection Debugger you can change and test connection strings and display the stack traces of failed tests

Open the Salesforce Connection Debugger

  1. After entering the details for a data source connection into the Connection Editor, click "Test"
  2. If the test fails, a message will appear at the bottom of the Connection Editor
  3. A failed test causes the "Debugger" button to appear - click on "Debugger"

The Salesforce Connection Debugger Interface

The Exceptions Pane

The Exceptions Pane shows the stack trace of any exception that occurred while testing the data source connection, or while changing the connection string within the debugger.

The Connection Pane

The Connection Pane is comprised of a username, password, Token, and URL to connect to the correct Salesforce data with the proper credentials 


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