How Do I Rollback an Office Version?

These steps are based on the Microsoft Office article "How to revert to an earlier version of Office"

Locating the Office Version Being Used

  1.  Start Word
  2. Click File, and then click Account
  3. The Office version is listed in the Product Information column, in the About Word section

Install the Previous Version of Office

  1. Determine and note the previous version number. Use the following Microsoft website to find the update version that is previous to the current version:
    Update history for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (listed by date)


  1. Download and run the self-extracting executable file from the following Download Center link. This file contains the Office Deployment Tool executable (Setup.exe) and a sample configuration file (Configuration.xml):
    Office Deployment Tool

  2. Start Notepad and copy the following XML. Then, save the file as Config.xml in the same file location as the Setup.exe file from Step 2.
    <Updates Enabled="TRUE" TargetVersion="16.0.xxxxx.yyyyy" />

Note In the XML, 16.0.xxxxx.yyyyy represents the full version number that you noted in step 1.

Example Config.xml file for version 2104 (Build 13929.20386):

  1. Open an elevated Command Prompt window. To do this, click Start, type cmd in the Start Search box, right-click cmd.exe, and then click Run as administrator. Switch to the file location for the Setup.exe and Config.xml files.

  2. Run the following command:
    setup.exe /configure config.xml

  3. Start an Office application (such as Excel), and then select File > Account.

  4. In the Product Information section, select Update Options > Update Now.
    Note If you are prompted to activate Office again, enter your Microsoft account and password. This step does not add your computer to your account a second time.

Disable Automatic Updates for Office

This step is very important. Office automatically checks for updates on a regular basis. To prevent Office from automatically installing new updates, follow these steps:

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. Click File, and then click Office Account.
  3. In the Product Information column, click Update Options button, and then click Disable Updates.


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