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How Do I Specify My PDF Output Builder in Report Designer?

Because of vagueness in the PDF specification, using PDFTron to generate PDF output from report templates rather than the Windward PDF renderer can sometimes improve the fidelity of the output. 

In addition, using PDFTron rather than Microsoft Office to render PDF output may also be useful if Office isn't installed on the server where your PDF output is generated, i.e. where your Report Designer is installed.

The PDFTron for PDF Output Option

To change your PDF Output Builder from the defualt "Windward" Option:

1. Go to the Windward Tools Ribbon tab.

2. Click on "Options". 

3. Underneath PDF Output Builder, choose the "PDFTron" option to use this feature.

Now Designer will use PDFTron services to render your PDF output.

Using PDFTron for PDF Output in Java, .Net, and RESTful Engines


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