What's New in Version 16.1?

Here is a summary of new features in all Windward Studios products for v16.1. There are also links to What's New in previous versions.

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System Requirements

You must have the following installed in order for Windward Designer version 16.1 to run:

  • Windows
  • Office
  • .Net 4.6.1 or later

All Windward Products

What Changed? Description
Time Zones Conversion
A new Windward macro has been added to help with converting dates and times from UTC time to the local time zone. Use TOLOCALTIME() to convert to your computer time zone. (From a customer new feature request.)
‘Shrink to Fit’ in Excel
The ‘Shrink to Fit’ cell property is now output to XLSX output. This will shrink the contents of a cell until it fits the defined cell size. (From a customer new feature request.)

Report Designer for Office Edition

What Changed? Description
Reorganized Ribbon
The ribbon menus have been reorganized and consolidated to improve the Report Template design workflow.
Boolean Conditional Wizard
The new Boolean Conditional Wizard helps you create complex conditional statements. Before, conditional statements could only be written manually. Now they can also be built using our intuitive Wizard interface.
Data Bin Search
The Data Bin can now be searched to find a table, column, node or other piece of data without having to scroll through all of it. (From a customer new feature request.)
Stored Procedure Wizard
The new Stored Procedure Wizard helps you create a query for a stored procedure. This works for all Tag types that are connected to a SQL-based data source (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 or ODBC).

.NET Report Engine and Java Report Engine

What Changed? Description
New Output Format
PostScript has been added as an output format. This format is commonly used with printers and printing companies. (From a customer new feature request.)

Report Designer for Office Edition, .NET Report Engine and Java Report Engine

What Changed? Description
New and Improved Datasets
Datasets have been rewritten from scratch to be more powerful and easier to use. Unlike our previous Datasets (which required being saved in a POD file to utilize in the Report Engines), new Datasets can be used like all other Datasources. This makes Datasets easier to manage and deploy in an application.

Previous Versions

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