20.0.0 How Do I Connect to HubSpot using CData

In this article we demonstrate how to connect a Report Template to a HubSpot data source using CData. For more details about the Connection Editor, see the Connection Editor Reference.

What is Needed to Establish the Connection

Connect your Report Template to HubSpot

1. Using Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, navigate to Windward > Data Sources drop down > Data Sources. This will open the Connection Editor. 

2. In the Connection Editor Navigate to the "New" Tab and under Apps click HubSpot(CData)

3. Enter a Name for your data source connection

4. Enter the Name of the file authorization (After authorization, tokens will be saved in a file with this Name)

5. Click the Authorize Access to HubSpot button. You will be redirected to HubSpot login page in the browser

6. Login to HubSpot and choose your account, you will receive a successful notification.

7. Click Add, and then Test your connection. If all parameters and credentials are correct and a connection is made, you will receive a successful notification.

8. Click on Close to save your information


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