List Imports Reference

List Imports lists all files placed in a final report via the import tag.  This is helpful to find all sub-templates that your current template may be dependent on. You can then be sure to find those sub-templates or disable them while working on your template. If you need to share your template you can easily discover all the sub-templates you'll need to include when sharing a template.

The List Imports Popup Window

To see a list of all file imports within a template use the List Imports button found on the Windward Tools ribbon.

  1. Click on the "List Imports" button in the "Windward Tools" ribbon.
  2. The "List Imports" popup window will open.
  3. This window will show a list of all files imported as well as imports inside of imported templates

This list does not include Import tags that are skipped because they are inside an If tag that is false or a ForEach tag with zero iterations.

The select in an import can be based on the value in an outer tag, such as a ForEach. In that case, you only get the templates that match the selects evaluated.

List Imports Tips

  • The List Imports popup window does not give a complete list of files that can be imported into the template.
  • You cannot tell by the List Imports popup window which files are imported into the master template or are from an import inside a subtemplate.
  • Files imported into the template that are inside an If tag that is false or a ForEach tag with zero iterations will not show up in the list.
  • Another approach to finding all sub-templates required by the master template would be to save the Tag Tree Schema and then open the Tag Tree Schema file in a text editor and find all instances of "Import".


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