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How do I Share My Windows version and Office version with Support?

This article explains how to share your system's Windows and Office versions. These steps will ensure we get your exact version and build numbers.

Windward support will sometimes need information regarding the exact version of both your Windows and Office installs. Typically collected when Windward is unable to reproduce your reported issues.

  1. Click the Windows Icon then start typing "This PC"
  2. Next click Properties
  3. When the About window opens scroll to find Windows specifications then click the copy button

4. Open your browser to our support desk and locate your support ticket

5. Then paste the values on your clipboard into the support ticket reply.

6. To find the Office version you are currently running Open the File menu in Word

7. Click Account

8. Click About Word

9. Now select the Office version with your mouse or just right click with your mouse

10. Select Copy

11. Paste values into your support ticket reply

That's it we will gather information that allows us to reproduce your issue then we can hand it over to development to be assigned to a future release. Give development a day or two to triage this newly reported issue and support should be able to share with you when to expect your fixes.

Thank you

Windward Support


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