Data Tree Reference

The Data Tree is used to assign the values you want to be used in a Windward Tag. This icon or button presents a graphical view of the data in your data source. It's a short cut to the Tag Editor Data Tree Pane. Use it to assign data to the selected Tag. 

Use the Data Tree Pane to expand, collapse, and view the nodes of your connected data source. You can assign a node to your Tag by dragging the node from the Data Tree Pane and dropping it into the Query Pane. You can also double-click on a node in the Data Tree Pane to assign it to your Tag (there are several ways to assign data to your Tag). When a node is assigned, the "Select" mode button in the Top Bar is highlighted.

The search bar can be used to find nodes in your database faster. The search can be global (across the entire database), or it can be focused on a specific table within the database. To search within a specific table, locate said table and click on it (make sure its selected), then conduct the search.  

  • A general search will return multiple nodes. For example, if "name" is searched, the "LastName", "FirstName" and any other column that has "Name" in it's name are returned.
  • If a case sensitive search is preferred, check the  "Match Case" checkbox.

To cycle through the results of the search, use the down arrow button located next to the search box (or ENTER key) to go to the next column, and use the up arrow button (or  SHIFT+ENTER) to cycle back through the results.

Note: When conducting a new search, make sure to select the database or table that will be searched.


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