How to Convert JPEG (Exif) Image

This article covers converting Exif encoded Jpeg images to a supported Jpeg format for the Windward PDF engine.

If you aren’t sure if your image is an Exif encoded image, you can use this tool JPEGsnoop to determine if it is.  Simply unzip the package, run the exe file and upload your image to see the image’s metadata. 

Replacing the Exif Image in Your Template

There are a few ways to replace the Exif image in your template to use a supported jpeg image.

  1. The easiest way is to simply just cut the image out of your template with CTRL-X and then paste it back in with CTRL-V.  However, this method seems to not be as consistent.
  2. The slightly more complex but sure fire way to replace the Exif image with a supported jpeg is to right click on your image and select the option “Save as Picture”

3. After you have saved your image to a location you can access, remove the existing Exif image in your document and drag in the saved image you just created into the document.  Word will automatically make the Exif image a supported Jpeg image.

4. Now your template will have correct images in your PDF output.


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